We’ve activated our referral program for the IDO.

It’s not a secret that all launchpads charge fee from the incubated program to run IDO on their platform. But we went a step further…

As you know, we have a 5-level affiliate program for adding to the farming/staking pools and now we’ve already launched referral program for IDO. This means that all the bonus we receive from IDO, we’ll transfer them to you via the referral program.

All influencers, who shared their referral link by the help of which others connected to maison will receive a bonus according to the line and status in BUSD. In order to get the bonus, you need to share your referral link, by which your referrals will participate in the IDO.



Contract adress: 0x631b92596bc7f5c4537f1a7cd4caef2db0d3000d


You can also use Poocoin swap, where Slippage is set automatically by default. To do this, you need to connect MetaMask wallet to Poocoin and find $MSN by contact address: 0x631b92596bc7f5c4537f1a7cd4caef2db0d3000d
$MSN could be bought on PancakeSwap using this

PancakeSwap.finance, instruction

In order to successfully buy $MSN slippage tolerance must be set to more than 3%, as we charge transaction fee as described above.

  1. To do this click on the gear button, as shown in the picture below.

2. Then set your slippage tolerance to 4–5% and click on “APPROVE” and then “SWAP” buttons.

In slippage you need to include the 3% commission + slippage from your purchase/sale (the higher the transaction amount, the higher the slippage). That’s why it’s better to put 4% or more.



Maison Capital Team is proud to announce that $MSN token smart contract has passed Techrate security audit.

No high/middle/low severity issues were found and this means that our token is 100% SAFE!

Maison Team is currently working hard to bring to life more staking and farming pools, as well as preparing for an upcoming IDO which is set to take place in October.

Full audit report could be found using this link.

External audit link at TechRate Github

Stay safe,

Maison Capital Team



Transaction fees

Maison token ($MSN) charges 3% fee from every buy/sell transaction. This fee is distributed in the following proportions:

  • 1% is sent to the team fund. This is to allow the project to develop further and pay salaries to various team members.
  • 1% is sent to Reward fund, from which future pools will be created.
  • 0.5% is sent to the Invest fund address. These tokens will be used in later stages of Maison development, when voting system will be implemented and token holders will be able to vote for investment opportunities.
  • 0.5% of each transaction is burned, thus decreasing the circulating supply after every transaction.

Fees are not taken when holders transfer tokens to other wallets and when depositing/withdrawing/harvesting $MSN from pools.

How to buy/sell $MSN