MSN token burn recap

Maison Capital
2 min readOct 11, 2021

The audience of Maison is growing every day, and we want our holders to understand and know more about what Maison is, how the platform functions, what opportunities it provides, and where the project is headed. That’s why we’ve prepared a series of informative articles for a better understanding of the Maison project.

We want to begin this series of publications with a little clarification.

As it turns out, many people believe that in circulation there is 10.000.000 MSN, which is not true. The main part of the tokens is locked and allocated to farming/staking and only a very small portion of tokens of early investors with strict vesting can go into circulation. We want to clarify that 10.000.000 is the total number of MSN we initially released, and before we sat rested we burned 1.000.000 MSN.

Thus, the total number of MSN dropped by 10% to 9.000.000 before the listing. There is a 3% commission on each purchase/sale of an MSN token (so to buy/sell a token, you need to put a slippage of 4–5%), of the 3% — 0.5% is burned. This reduces the circulating supply after each transaction. Since the listing on PancakeSwap, over 1600 MSN have already been burned, and this number will only increase, reducing the total number of MSN in circulation. You can always follow up-to-date information about the number of burned tokens in the section.

Next, we will analyze the farming/staking pools and how many funds are locked there (TVL)