Why it is necessary to get Maison ranks and what improvements have appeared

What exactly do the ranks provide you with?

  1. Possibility to participate in IDO on the Maison platform with guaranteed allocation.
  2. The higher the rank, the higher the allocation in IDO is (you can invest more and have the possibility to earn more)
  3. The possibility to invest in Maison vaults, where the maximum investment amount also depends on the rank.
  4. Ranks open the levels of referral program, so that active referrals can get a nice extra income.
  5. Rank influences on the power of vote in the project, holders of the higher ranks make decisions in the core events via voting.

How to get a rank?

What are the ranks?

What allocations give the ranks in IDO

What do the ranks give in the vaults

How ranks influence on the income from the referral program

  1. 5%
  2. 2%
  3. 1.25%
  4. 0.85%
  5. 0.5%
  6. 0.3%
  7. 0.1%





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