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2 min readAug 19, 2021

An Overview of Maison Capital

Maison Capital is dedicated to creating the best environment for user to invest into various type of universe in tokenized world

With the development of blockchain technology, the tokenization of digital assets has progressed, investment opportunities have increased, and many other benefits can be enjoyed. On the other hand, the complexity and difficulty associated with managing these digital assets is increasing. Also, the transaction fee for processing tokens increases in proportion to the type of token required

Thanks to decentralized technology and calculated system of funds distribution and remuneration, Maison Capital provides all the necessary tools for easy and comfortable management of your investments in the cryptocurrency market and creates favorable financing conditions for startups and safe for investors. The platform we designed with efficiency and cost-effectiveness as our top priority

Your opportunities with Maison

  • Early access to close investment rounds

The possibility of early investment in promising companies before they enter the market and the stock exchange. Without minimum limit on the amount of investment

  • Community management

All Maison community members can influence company decisions related to the allocation of funds and profits, the direction of development, and other factors that determine the success of the community by voting

  • DeFi & NFT investment packages

High-yield DeFi and NFT products add value to our users through their ability to complete the process from beginning to end in a single app. They also create incredible value for our community to participate in these historically high-performing offerings

  • High-yeild staking & farming

Investors, fund managers and every $MSN holder can stake tokens depending on how often they use the platform. Your pooling volume also determines your rank in Maison, access levels to IDO and other tools

  • Smart venture vaults

The vaults simplify the process of farming. Vaults aimed at investing in promising early-stage crypto-projects with the best conditions due to the availability of the full amount closing the investment round

  • Trading vaults

Maison gives analysts the opportunity to create their own fund and attract ecosystem investors to it

  • AI-based indexes

Robotic systems can monitor the dynamics and indicators of the market with a much higher frequency than humans. Moreover, such systems are also able to automatically generate indexes and quickly redistribute funds to obtain stable profitability. Maison will provide its users with the opportunity to invest in such indexes

  • Sir Cecil index

An experimental tool developed and tested by Maison Capital analysts. In 2022 we will implement it in the vault, and everyone will be able to learn more about it

We will talk in more detail about our platform and describe all the services offered to our users internally, as they are introduced

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