The Maison Launchpad and its prospects

Maison Capital
3 min readSep 13, 2021


In the previous article we talked about the Maison Capital project in general, and now it is time to reveal more about us. Today we are going to talk about an area of our project such as Launchpad and why it is promising.

Launchpad is a platform that allows you to invest in new cryptocurrency projects before its tokens are publicly released. This gives an advantage to early investors, because they buy tokens at the cheapest price, and to project founders, because they attract first investments through Launchpad without any financial costs.

About the niche of Launchpads in the cryptocurrency market

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in making a profit in the cryptocurrency market. You will agree that investing is the most popular direction among cryptocurrency users.

Everyone wants investments to be safe and profitable, which is why DeFi and platforms that work with it are gaining momentum. The Launchpads are also included, because they combine all the most demanded and promising things in the decentralized finance market.

Over the past year, many promising Launchpads have emerged, which have allowed their investors to gain up to 1000% of the benefits. We can say that Launchpads are already setting a powerful trend, but are still very promising for investment, as the most successful of them have not reached even 1 billion in capitalization. But what is a billion for the cryptocurrency market?

At Maison, we are planning to take the Launchpad market to a new level, and here below we provide some comparative statistics, where you can clearly see that the scope for our growth is huge. Further in the article, we will tell you why we are so sure about it.

The unique features and advantages of the Maison Launchpad as one of the areas of the project

  • First of all, the key advantage of Maison Capital is that we are not just a Launchpad, but a whole ecosystem that solves many issues of cryptocurrency market investors and provides various tools, such as DeFi and NFT investment packages, smart venture vaults, trade vaults and other tools for profit (about all the tools we will tell you in the following articles). This allows investors of our Launchpad to diversify risks and reinvest profits from IDO investments.
  • The Maison Investment Fund is a fund that the company generates by collecting commissions and then invests in projects that Maison users choose through a fair vote. As a result, the Maison project distributes the profits to all users of the platform. Everyone can make money even without investing!
  • We have developed a unique ranking system that allows each investor to grow and increase their list of opportunities in the market, as well as in the Maison ecosystem, by gaining privileges and increasing voting rights.
  • As for the right to vote, at our incubator, all important decisions are made by the community through voting.
  • Automation and ease of use. Thanks to our strong development team, we make complex things simple for you! With the Maison Launchpad, you don’t have to do a lot of manual routines or spend hours figuring things out. With Maison, everything is simple and efficient!

This is something most other incubators cannot boast of. We are sure that these unique features set us apart from others and will allow us to catch up with competitors and even get ahead!

We have a few more advantages than described in this article, the others you can find on the website, and also read in our next articles.