MSN farming explained

Maison platform has launched two pools:

  • Farming BNB-MSN, Earn MSN (Total rewards for 2 years = 2,000,000 MSN)
  • Farming BUSD-MSN, Earn MSN (Total rewards for 2 years = 1,000,000 MSN)

How to get LP Tokens to stake in farming pools?

  1. To get BNB/BUSD-MSN LP Tokens go to PancakeSwap -> Trade -> Liquidity.
  2. Click on “ADD LIQUIDITY” and choose BNB/BUSD and MSN tokens.
  3. Select an amount you want to supply and click on “SUPPLY”.

Alternatively you can simply click on this link for BNB-MSN and this for BUSD-MSN


Go to our website -> Staking and Farming Pools and click on “Get LP Tokens” button

4. Then pick the farming pool to which you’ve just provided liquidity to and click on “ENABLE” button

5. After the approval transaction has been confirmed, click on “STAKE”

6. Select an amount of tokens you would like to stake and click “SEND”

Congratulations! By now you should’ve successfully staked your LP Tokens in the farming pool! Happy farming!

Once you deposit your assets to the farming pool, they will be locked for 30 days, after which you will be able to withdraw 2% per day. Although you can harvest your rewards at any time!





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