How to send $MSN to staking?

Maison Capital
2 min readSep 20, 2021


In order to send $MSN to staking pool, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your metamask wallet to and make sure the BSC network is selected in your wallet.

2. Under the “Menu” tab, select the “staking/farming pools” section.

3. In the “Staking” card, click “Enable” and confirm the interaction with smart contract in metamask by clicking “Enable”.

4. In the card click “Stake”.

5. In the opened window enter the number of coins you want to stake or press “Max” to send all the available coins to staking.
Click “Send” and wait for the confirmation of the transaction.
(Make sure you have in BNB in your wallet for commission)

6. Congrats. You have successfully added your $MSN tokens to the staking pool. You can see the APR in the pool in the same tab.

Important information about staking

Once you deposit your assets to the pool, they will be locked for 30 days, after which you will be able to withdraw 2% per day. Although you can harvest your rewards at any time!

You can also automatically reinvest your harvested rewards with “Reinvest earned rewards” button! Please note, that once you reinvest your rewards, the lock will reset!