How to invest in the vault, instructions

Maison Capital
3 min readFeb 21, 2022


To invest in the vaults, please complete the following steps.

1. Go to and connect your wallet in the top right corner of the page.

2. Go to page, press DETAILS opposite to the vault you are interested in and on the next vault page press DEPOSIT.

3. There will be an opened window where you need to enter the investment amount, enter the desired investment amount and press DEPOSIT.

4. Then confirm the transaction in the pop-up window of your MetaMask and wait for it to be confirmed by the BSC network (!), this may take some time.

5. If you did everything right, in some amount of time you will see your BUSD on the vault balance after processing the transaction (this may take some time). Do not forget to connect your MetaMask wallet.

In yellow color will be displayed all the bought units for BUSD, and below the gray color, the actual number of BUSD on your balance including the price changes of the unit.

6. To track the dynamics of the vault and for the changes of your balance you can via the same link on the vault you invested.

Wish you a successful investment!

Other details of investment

Once Sir Cecil Vault is launched and as your investment amount grows, we can stop accepting deposits at any time! This is because the vault works with tokens including low liquidity.

Make sure you have ≈0.015 BNB for commission to invest in BUSD in the vault! Such commission is due to the fact that when you invest, your BUSD will be allocated to the vault tokens (swap-transaction fees).

Make sure you have the necessary rank. Without the rank you will not be able to invest in the vault. More details:

The vault will include 20% of $MSN along with the other tokens.

Maison charges a service fee of 3% of your withdrawal amount when you exit the vault.



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