How to buy/sell $MSN


Contract adress: 0x631b92596bc7f5c4537f1a7cd4caef2db0d3000d

You can also use Poocoin swap, where Slippage is set automatically by default. To do this, you need to connect MetaMask wallet to Poocoin and find $MSN by contact address: 0x631b92596bc7f5c4537f1a7cd4caef2db0d3000d
$MSN could be bought on PancakeSwap using this
link., instruction

In order to successfully buy $MSN slippage tolerance must be set to more than 3%, as we charge transaction fee as described above.

  1. To do this click on the gear button, as shown in the picture below.

2. Then set your slippage tolerance to 4–5% and click on “APPROVE” and then “SWAP” buttons.

In slippage you need to include the 3% commission + slippage from your purchase/sale (the higher the transaction amount, the higher the slippage). That’s why it’s better to put 4% or more.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully purchased/sold $MSN



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