🌕 We’ve activated our referral program for the first IDO.

❇️ It’s not a secret that all launchpads charge fee from the incubated program to run IDO on their platform. But we went a step further…

As you know, we have a 5-level affiliate program for adding to the farming/staking pools and now we’ve already launched referral program for IDO. This means that all the bonus we receive from IDO, we’ll transfer them to you via the referral program.

ℹ️ All influencers, who shared their referral link by the help of which others connected to maison will receive a bonus according to the line and status in BUSD. In order to get the bonus, you need to share your referral link, by which your referrals will participate in the Memeking private sale

📣 We are pleased to announce that Satoshi Club will host an AMA session with Maison Capital

Satoshi Club is an educational group about crypto and blockchain technologies

📅 AMA is going to take place on 21th October 2021

⏰ Timing: 11:00 AM UTC

▶️ Everyone willing to participate in the AMA kindly join Satoshi Club channel 👇

@satoshi_club | Satoshi Club website: https://esatoshi.club/

🎁 Lucky winners who participate in the AMA quiz session will receive $MSN bonuses 🎁

🚀 The audience of Maison is growing every day, and we want our holders to understand and know more about what maison is, how the platform functions, what opportunities it provides, and where the project is headed. …

$MSN could be bought on PancakeSwap using this link.

In order to successfully buy $MSN slippage tolerance must be set to more than 3%, as we charge transaction fee as described above. To do this click on the gear button, as shown in the picture below.

Then set your slippage tolerance to 4–5% and click on “APPROVE” and then “SWAP” buttons.

Our company cares about giving its users the opportunity to earn income not only from the growth in the value of $MSN or from investing in farming/staking pools, but also bonuses for active participation in the development of Maison Capital.

We’ve launched a 5-level referral program and have allocated 500,000 MSN for bonuses from the marketing fund. Take the opportunity and get your bonuses.

All info about the referral program in the image below.

Important note! The number of available referral program levels depends on your rank on the platform, which in turn depends on the number of $MSN coins you have.

Stay safe,

Maison Capital Team

Dear community members,

Maison platform has launched two new pools:

Old staking pool will become accessible only for users with rank Viscount and above and minimum…

Maison Capital Team is proud to announce that $MSN token smart contract has passed Techrate security audit.

No high/middle/low severity issues were found and this means that our token is 100% SAFE!

Maison Team is currently working hard to bring to life more staking and farming pools, as well as preparing for an upcoming IDO which is set to take place in October.

Full audit report could be found using this link.

External audit link at TechRate Github

Stay safe,

Maison Capital Team

Transaction fees

Maison token ($MSN) charges 3% fee from every buy/sell transaction. This fee is distributed in the following proportions:

Maison Capital


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